.CSV - File Extension for Comma Separated Values Files


What is CSV? CSV, short name for Comma Separated Values, is used as the file extension for spreadsheet files in Comma Separated Values format. .CSV files are text files that can be opened by Windows Notepad or any text editor. See the sample .CSV file included below.

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File Extension: .CSV

MIME Type: text/csv

File Content: Spreadsheet

.CSV files are text files saved in Comma Separated Values format. Here is a sample .CSV file containing some rows and columns:

"Welcome to File Extension FYI Center!",,
1,"ASP","Active Server Pages"
2,"JSP","JavaServer Pages"
3,"PNG","Portable Network Graphics"
4,"GIF","Graphics Interchange Format"
5,"WMV","Windows Media Video"

.CSV Comma Separated Values file sample: Click sample.csv to download.

.CSV Comma Separated Values files can be created and modified by these software:

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