.JSP - File Extension for JavaServer Pages


File extension JSP is used for JavaServer Pages for building dynamic Websites. A JSP sample file is provided. Free JSP Web servers to host JSP files are listed.

✍: FYIcenter.com


File Extension: .JSP

MIME Type: application/jsp

File Content: Dynamic Web pages.

What is JSP? JSP is a short name for JavaServer Pages. JSP was initially developed at Sun Microsystems. Now it is maintained under the Java Community Process.

JSP is a technology, not a language. It allows Web page authors to put dynamic data into a Web document with Java statements embedded in special HTML tags. The embedded Java statements will be executed by the JSP enabled Web server, not by the Web browser.

JSP is the file extension for JavaServer Pages files, which are HTML documents with embedded Java statements in structures defined by the JSP specifications.

Here is a sample JSP file:

Welcome to <% out.println("FYIcenter.com"); %gt;!

JSP sample file: Click sample.jsp to download.

JavaServer Pages stored in JSP files can be served by the most popular free Web server:

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