.JS - File Extension for JavaScript Files


File extension JS is used for JavaScript files that provide scripting statements to be executed in client side Web browsers. A JS sample file is provided.

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File Extension: .JS

MIME Type: text/javascript

File Content: Presentation style sheet

What is JS? JS is a short name for JavaScript, a scripting language introduced by Netscape in 1995.

JavaScript language has very similar syntax as the Java language. But it is much easier to use by non-programmers because of the features below:

  • Dynamic - Execution without compilation.
  • Weakly Type - All variables are declared as "var".
  • Prototype-based - Classes are not present. But behavior reuse is performed via a process of cloning existing objects that serve as prototypes.
  • First-class Functions - Functions are constructed during execution of the script.

JS is the file extension for JavaScript files.

JS files are text files. You can use any text editor to create JS files. Here is a sample JS file:

/* Sample JS File */
var name = "FYIcenter.com";
document.write("Welcome to "+name+"!");

JS sample file: Click sample.js to download.

JavaScript statements stored in JS files are supported by all free popular Web browsers:

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