.HXT - File Extension for Help 2 Table of Contents


What is HXT? HXT is used as the file extension for Windows Help 2 Table of Contents files. .HXT files are XML files that used to store help documentation's table of contents. See the sample .HXT file included below.

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File Extension: .HXT

MIME Type: text/xml

File Content: Help 2 Table of Contents

.HXT files are Windows Help 2 Table of Contents files saved as XML files. Here is the a sample .HXT file, NETSDK.HxT:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<HelpTOC DTDVersion="1.0" PluginStyle="Flat">
  <HelpTOCNode Id="Dev2" NodeType="Regular" 
  Title=".NET Framework SDK">
    <HelpTOCNode Id="Dev3" NodeType="TOC" Url="dv_fxintro"/>
    <HelpTOCNode Id="Dev4" NodeType="Regular"
    Title="Class Library">
      <HelpTOCNode Id="Dev5" NodeType="TOC" Url="cpref"/>
      <HelpTOCNode Id="Dev6" NodeType="TOC" Url="cpref0"/>
      <HelpTOCNode Id="Dev7" NodeType="TOC" Url="cpref1"/>
      <HelpTOCNode Id="Dev8" NodeType="TOC" Url="cpref2"/>
      <HelpTOCNode Id="Dev9" NodeType="TOC" Url="cpref3"/>
    <HelpTOCNode Id="Dev131" NodeType="TOC" Url="dv_fxdochelp"/>
  <HelpTOCNode Id="Dev132" NodeType="TOC" Url="dv_dexplore"/>

.HXT Help 2 Table of Contents file sample: Click sample.hxt to download.

For more information on .HXT, read:

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