.WJF - File Extension for WinZip Job Files


What is WJF? WJF, short name for WinZip Job File, is used as the file extension for WinZip job files. .WJF files are XML files that can be opened by any XML editors. See the sample .WJF file included below.

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File Extension: .WJF

MIME Type: text/plain

File Content: WinZip Job File

.WJF files are WinZip Job File files, which contains WinZip archive job configurations in XML format. Here is a sample .WJF WinZip job file, MYDOCS.wjf, with archive job configuration for documents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<winzipjob version="4">
<wizard usevars="yes"/>
<filter exclude="yes">*\My WinZip Files\*</filter>
<item exclude="no" recurse="yes"><^29>\</item>
<name append="none">My Documents.zipx</name>
<folder append="none"><^29>\My WinZip Files\</folder>
<log type="none"/>
<compression type="best"/>
<span mode="auto"/>
<split unit="byte">0</split>
<encryption mode="none" method="none"/>
<folders mode="relative"/>
<cd speed="fast" finalize="yes"/>
<mailitem options="0">
<subject type="ok"/>
<subject type="error"/>

.WJF WinZip Job file sample: Click sample.wjf to download.

Since .WJF text files are in text format, you can use any XML editor to create or modify them. No special software is needed.

For for information on how to use .WJF WinZip job files, see links below:

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