.PROPERTIES - File Extension for Java Properties Files


What is PROPERTIES? PROPERTIES is used as the file extension for Java configuration properties or localization resource properties files. .PROPERTIES files are text files that can be opened by any text editors. See the sample .PROPERTIES file included below.

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File Extension: .PROPERTIES

MIME Type: text/plain

File Content: Java Properties

.PROPERTIES files are text files containing configuration properties or localization resource properties used by Java applications. Here is a sample .PROPERTIES file with some property entries:

# You are reading the ".properties" entry.
! The exclamation mark can also mark text as comments.
website = http://en.wikipedia.org/
language = English
# The backslash below tells the application to continue reading
# the value onto the next line.
message = Welcome to \
# Add spaces to the key
key\ with\ spaces = This is the value that could be looked up with the key "key with spaces".
# Unicode
tab : \u0009

.PROPERTIES Java Properties file sample: Click sample.properties to download.

For for information on how to use .PROPERTIES Java Properties files, see links below:

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