.RTF - File Extension for Rich Text Format Files


What is RTF? RTF, short name for Rich Text Format, is used as the file extension for document files in Rich Text Format. .RTF files are text files that can be opened by Windows Notepad or any text editor. See the sample .RTF file included below.

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File Extension: .RTF

MIME Type: text/rtf, application/rtf

File Content: Document

.RTF files are text files in Rich Text Format. Here is a sample .RTF Rich Text Format file containing some simple document:

{\f1\fnil\fcharset0\fprq0 Times New Roman;}
{\f2\fnil\fcharset0\fprq0 Arial;}
{\s1\li540\fi-540\fs64\cf2\lang1033\level1 heading 1;}
{\s2\li1170\fi-450\fs56\cf2\lang1033\level2 heading 2;}
{\s3\li1800\fi-360\fs48\cf2\lang1033\level3 heading 3;}
{\s4\li2520\fi-360\fs40\cf2\lang1033\level4 heading 4;}
{\s5\li3240\fi-360\fs40\cf2\lang1033\level5 heading 5;}
{\s6\li3960\fi-360\fs40\cf2\lang1033\level6 heading 6;}
{\s7\li4680\fi-360\fs40\cf2\lang1033\level7 heading 7;}
{\s8\li5400\fi-360\fs40\cf2\lang1033\level8 heading 8;}
{\s9\li6120\fi-360\fs40\cf2\lang1033\level9 heading 9;}
{\loch\f1\fs88\cf1 Welcome\par}
{\loch\f1\fs64\cf1 To File Extension FYI Center\par}
\pard\plain\ltrpar\s1\li540\fi-540\fs64\cf2\lang1033 {\f2 \par}
\pard\plain\ltrpar\s1\li540\fi-540\fs64\cf2\lang1033 {\f2 \par}

.RTF Rich Text Format file sample: Click sample.rtf to download.

.RTF Rich Text Format files can be created and modified by these software:

  • Word 2010 - Opens and converts .RTF Rich Text Format files to MS Word files.
  • Apache OpenOffice - Opens and converts .RTF Rich Text Format files to OpenOffice files.

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