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.LOG - File Extension for Program Logging Files
What is LOG? LOG, short name for Logging, is used as the file extension for Program Logging files. .LOG files are text files that can be opened by Notepad or any text editors. See the sample .LOG file included below. File Extension: .LOG MIME Type: text/plain File Content: Program Logging .LOG files...
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What is .m4a file
What is .m4a file? Is it MPEG-4 Audio (.m4a)?
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file.FYIcenter.com Links
Other Resources: Software QA Resources Developer Resources DBA Resources Windows Tutorials Java JAR Files DLL Files File Extensions Security Certificates Regular Expression Link Directories Interview Q &amp; A Biotech Resources Cell Phone Resources Travel Resources Frequently Asked Questions FYI...
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Where did you find these icons? I've been looking everywhere icons just like this: http://file.fyicenter.com/a/bi n_file_icon.jpghttp://file.fyicenter.com/a/ka r_file_icon.jpghttp://file.fyicenter.com/a/mi d_midi_file_icon.jpghttp://file.fyicenter.com/a/vo b_file_icon.jpg
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.CRL - Certificate Revocation List Files
What is CRL? CRL, short name for Certificate Revocation List, is used as the file extension for Certificate Revocation List files. See the sample .CRL file included below. File Extension: .CRL MIME Type: application/pkix-crl File Content: Animated Portable Network Graphics .CRL files are Certificate...
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